October 20-21 Boston, MA

Kent Gale

Founder & Chairman, KLAS Enterprises, LLC

Kent L. Gale, KLAS President. Kent founded KLAS in 1996 when it was obvious that unbiased reporting of client satisfaction was missing from the HIT industry. Kent has been deeply involved in healthcare IT for 30 years serving healthcare providers, software vendors and research/consulting organizations both nationally and internationally. Mr. Gale’s software vendor experience began at Medlab Computer Services where he marketed laboratory and computer assisted, invasive monitoring systems. This was the first product to come from Homer Warner, Sr., Ph.D., M.D., and his team at LDS Hospital (part of the HELP system). Here Kent gained an early appreciation for expert systems, clinical alerting and real-time decision support. At Control Data Corporation he was the regional manager of the Eastern U.S; marketing laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, radiology and clinical decision support software (HELP). As a Regional Director for Compucare, he was responsible for marketing facilities management (outsourcing) and the IBM PCS products. Kent then joined Intermountain Health Care as a Director, marketing homegrown products built at the 23 IHC facilities (now referred to as MedSeries4 from Siemens). Through specific efforts on Kent’s part and in concert with the ASI management team, the IHC division was sold to GTE. As Vice President of Field Operations at GTE Health Systems, he marketed and implemented the full HIS created by IHC to a worldwide market. While at 3M, Kent marketed the HELP system nationally. Prior to starting KLAS, Kent was over international sales/marketing, national account sales, client based sales and business development at Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. While in Tucson, Kent also established Legacy Systems, Inc.; a company providing support and custom development services for “legacy systems” in the healthcare IT industry. Mr. Gale is a graduate of Brigham Young University, and has lived in Brazil, Germany and the Philippines. Kent has traveled worldwide exploring the use of HIT and is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. He is a member of CHIME and former board member of the CHIME Foundation. He is a member of HIMSS and has participated in HIMSS Regional Seminars for over seven years. He was formerly a member of HISSG and SCAMC, and has also been affiliated with ECHO an IBM Health Industry Professional Association.