October 20-21 Boston, MA

Adam Licurse, MD, MHS

Associate Medical Director Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization, Partners Center for Population Health

Adam Licurse is an associate medical director at the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization and the Partners Center for Population Health.  He practices primary care at the South Huntington primary care practice.

At BWH, he leads a number of population health and care redesign efforts, including the Brigham’s patient reported outcome measure (PROMs) program, and its ambulatory Telehealth efforts: E-Visits, Virtual Visits, and E-Consults.  In his Partners Population Health Management role, he directs the strategy and implementation of the group's multiple patient engagement and telehealth programs, including efforts in shared decision making, in-office and virtual patient education, online patient communities, remote monitoring, patient texting, and virtual patient self-management. 

He has published multiple articles about evidence-based clinical decision-making and financial ties to industry, teaches in BWH’s Clinical Process Improvement Program and the ambulatory curriculum of the BWH medical residency program, and has been an invited panelist and speaker at numerous national conferences on population health, telehealth, and patient engagement.

Adam completed residency training in Internal Medicine at BWH, and earned his MD and MHS at Yale School of Medicine where he graduated cum laude.  He graduated from Yale College.

Follow Adam on Twitter: @adamlicurse

See Adam speak at the Connected Health – A Long Term View Panel, Friday, Oct. 21, 2:05pm – Waterfront Room