October 20-21 Boston, MA

Aaron Nelson

General Partner, dRx Capital

Aaron is a General Partner at dRx Capital AG, the joint investment company of Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Qualcomm Technologies. Before dRx, Aaron worked on technology strategy in Novartis as part of the Digital Development program (formerly known as Trials of the Future), leading projects building across multiple Business Units within Novartis and with external partners. Previous to this, Aaron served as a Group Head in the PreClinical Safety organization at Novartis, leading mechanistic biology efforts in support of discovery- and translational-phase programs. Aaron studied medicine at Tufts University, cell and microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania and the Karolinska Institute, and completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University.

Follow Aaron on Twitter: @AaronLNelson

See Aaron speak at the Pharma, Patients, and the Digital Health Transformation Panel, Thursday, Oct. 20, 1:55pm – Beacon Hill Room