October 20-21 Boston, MA

Panel: Measuring Digital Health Impact + Outcomes

Beacon Hill
Friday, October 30, 2015 -
14:05 to 14:55
2015 Connected Health Symposium
Afternoon Events
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Changing reimbursement models, as well as care coordination and population health management priorities, are paving the way for new consumer engagement and technology-enabled care delivery models. Central to this shift are new digital health products and services, designed to capture clinical data, remotely, and at scale, and intended to improve health outcomes, at lower costs. These tools will enable services and care pathways to more easily follow patients into their homes, thus, shedding light on patient behaviors, as well as social and environmental factors that impact care outcomes. This panel will discuss the current state of the digital health market, including the challenges of capturing trusted data, proving efficacy and comparative effectiveness, and the anticipated trajectory of new “digiceuticals.”  It will also touch on current reimbursement hurdles and how this will change over time, as more payers, providers and consumers better understand the effectiveness of these tools – and more providers incorporate them into care plans.